Developmental Evaluations

A neuro-developmental (developmental) evaluation provides families with a better understanding of young child’s development in the context of his or her developmental history and current functioning. An emphasis is placed on the child’s development including the following areas: cognition, language, motor skills, early academic skills, and socialization. Given the child’s age, neuro-developmental evaluations are typically shorter in duration and completed within 3-5 hours, which are typically scheduled over the course of two testing sessions. Otherwise, the process is quite similar to a full neuropsychological evaluation.

Common Reasons for Seeking a Neuro-Developmental Evaluation:

  • Developmental delays including: language, motor skills, play and socialization, and early academic skills
  • Concerns of an Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Assess the implications of medical conditions in early development such as cerebral palsy, epilepsy, genetic disabilities, and other medical conditions.
  • Early concerns with a child’s psychiatric or behavioral functioning.